Wayne Kurzen, Professional Speaker, Certified EOS Implementer

“We grew from start-up to $20 million in 3 short years. When we hired Wayne we were in near crisis mode in terms of having the infrastructure, people and processes necessary to support our rapid growth. EOS gave us the business system and tools to wrap around our business and industry knowledge, and we are now positioned for our next phase of rapid growth.”
-David Lee CEO, United Mobile Solutions

“We have accomplished more in the last 6 months than we would have in several years without the coaching and accountability…coaching with Wayne has helped me stay focused on what I need to be doing. It is easy to be caught up in the day-to-day routine and fail to work on what is really important. The ROI in coaching with Wayne has been clearly justified. We have been growing at a rate of 35% per year – in the middle of a recession!"
-Ron Smith CEO, DHR Mechanical

Are You Running Your Business or is it Running You? If so it is time to…Clarify. Simplify and Achieve your Vision.

An international award winning business advisor, coach, and keynote speaker with over 30 years of business and leadership experience. In over 10 years as a certified business coach, Wayne has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs grow their business and have a “life”. Wayne has worked with the leadership teams of more than 60 entrepreneurial companies ranging from $1 to 300M in revenue – focusing on successful businesses that want to break through to become a market leader.

Wayne Kurzen is a former decorated USAF pilot where he commanded a unit of 700, and was promoted early to Colonel (top 1% of his peers). As the owner of several businesses, Wayne was the first exclusive U.S. distributorship for Europe’s then second largest decorative brass hardware manufacturer. In less than two years, he grew his start-up business to become a supplier to Home Depot.

As franchise owner of the world’s largest business coaching organization, he won 4 international awards including “Top Client Performance” and was one of 27 coaches certified to train the 1,000 coaches in the franchise.

Over the years, Wayne has evaluated many business systems for creating fast growth and helping businesses that are stuck. EOS stands out from the rest because…
 Simple process for leadership teams to adopt
 Relevant to any type business
 The tools are simple to implement
 Most important — a 9 year track record of nearly 4,000 successful implementer sessions

As a EOS Implementer, Wayne will teach your Leadership Team how to:
Get 100% on the same page
Get the “Right People in theRight Seats”
Determine the metrics critical to driving your business
Run meetings that quickly solve issues and create accountability for quickly executing the solutions
Have a balanced personal life

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“We were caught in what I would call “no man’s land”. As a family owned business with five family members part of our 100 employees, we were stuck -- not growing, not effectively executing and we lacked a culture of accountability. We are now a more vibrant team, more functional, more right people in the right seats and more right things getting done as a result of working with Wayne and learning how to use the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS).”
-Vic Pemberton CEO, The Pepi Companies