Tiffany Lynn Blake, Professional Speaker, Etiquette Consultant, Youth Advisor

An eloquent, profound speaker who gracefully captivates her audience through witty storytelling, life experiences, and expertise.

She speaks from her 8 years of experience in the private school sector, extensive doctoral research studies on organizational leadership development and human services administration, as well as over 25 years of experience in the performing arts.  Through exposure and life experiences, Tiffany has witnessed the importance of the arts, literacy, leadership, and social skills

In 2000, Tiffany held the title of Miss United Negro College Fund. During this time she was selected as a feature story representing African American students during Lou Rawls’ “An Evening of Stars,” a celebration of educational excellence.  She was the first student host of her college talk show “FMC Today” which served as a liaison between students, faculty, and the community. She also had the privilege to dance for the NBA for 4 consecutive years.  

In 2004, she began holding summer camps for the inner city girls in her hometown community Coconut Grove, Florida. Her dreams of establishing a girls club led her to creating Grand Jeté Inc.(a ballet term  meaning “big Leap”). The purpose for her non-for profit organization is to build social intelligence, self-awareness and self-concept through dance, etiquette, leadership and literature. She currently develops research-based workshops and seminars that are specifically designed for girls to address the challenges that they face each day.  She consults with youth centers, schools, communities and private organizations to help develop the necessary tools to address the deficiencies in support systems for girls. 

In addition to her work with young ladies, Tiffany consults with organizations on strategic planning, communication, and leadership development. She also works with individuals to develop themselves personally and professionally through social intelligence (SI) and professional development training.

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“I thought I knew all I needed to know about running a well-organized camp, but collaborating with Tiffany Lynn put me in the student seat. The girls thought they were coming to cheer and dance, but they left with a lot more. The strategy that she used to combine dance, etiquette and leadership was remarkable. I witnessed the attitudes and character of the participants transform in just one week. I look forward to working with Tiffany Lynn Blake in the future”.
-Faheem M. Ali, President of Complete Student Athlete