Sophia Brooks, Professional Speaker, Author, Facilitator and Business Owner

Are you looking for a speaker who can energize a team, raise morale, ignite individual’s self-image, increase teamwork, and help improve customer satisfaction scores?   Sophia Brooks is your answer!

With more than 15 years of healthcare experience in training and developing programs, Sophia understands the unique needs and challenges of healthcare teams.

Sophia Brooks is a highly effective speaker and master trainer. Sophia is a leading expert on customer service and is the author of several books, including “New Rules for Customer Service.”

Sophia Brooks is the founder and CEO of Global Learning Partners, Inc. and The Collaborative Mastermind Group.  She is helping to transform individuals and businesses, moving them to achieve their greatness.

Sophia Brooks is Your Customer Service Authority.

Whether you are interested in increasing customer satisfaction, employee performance, or breathing new life into an exhausted workplace, Sophia can help.

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"Excellent training presentation, good relation to actual work situations, dynamic interaction and many thanks for the measurable results."
-Northwest Cardiovascular Management Association