Sharon M. Weinstein, Speaker and Author

Sharon is the ultimate professional – she is polished, prepared, powerful, and positive!

With an unusual blend of substance and style, Sharon addresses the most challenging issues with energy, personality, humor and excitement! She is truly provocative, passionate and powerful—and you will know it from the moment she enters the room!

She understands human behavior, appreciates lifelong learning and empowers others to be all that they can be.

Sharon draws on her own life experiences to help others gain control of their life purpose.  Her publications include B is for Balance...a guide for enjoying life at work and at home. Nursing without Borders: values, wisdom, success markers, and numerous peer-review manuscripts. Work-Life Balance, P is for Purpose, and From Learn to Type to Learn to Live are in the works. Sharon is Adjunct Clinical Professor at the University of Illinois Chicago, College of Nursing and a member of the Kaplan University School of Nursing Advisory Board. 


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“What a fabulous role model - we all thank you; you were EXCELLENT.  You are the best speaker we have ever had on any topic; you are engaging and knowledgeable.   What a joy to have a wonderful, educated speaker who KNOWS and LIVES her stuff.”
Genna Buhr, Public Services Manager,Alliance Library System/ALS Wellness Day