Randy Goruk, Professional Speaker, Author

Randy Goruk is the founder of LeadersEdge360.com and the President of the Randall Wade Group, LLC, a leadership development firm focused on maximizing personal and professional achievement. Having personally lead multi-million dollar organizations through many challenging times, Randy has developed a reputation of delivering ‘Real Experience and Real Results.’

He is known for his compelling and inspiring speaking style, and is masterful in executive and leadership coaching which propels each client forward to meet their strategic goals, improve skills and elevate performance.

Randy has a personal and casual delivery style that earns the trust and confidence of large audiences. In smaller groups Randy excels at interactive "town hall meeting" venues. Randy’s audiences roll up their sleeves and get engaged.  His memorable presentations are designed to provide knowledge and to help plant seeds of creative thought in leadership for results.

His book ‘Sparks – A Business Fable; is available at www.SparksTheBook.com


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“Some speakers just deliver information or simply motivation, which is short lived and hard to retain. Randy Goruk delivers techniques, strategies and tangible tactics which can be implemented immediately. He doesn't just speak in theory, his real hands on, front line experience means he isn't just pumping the audience up, he is training them on how to make real, lasting changes that are immediate and impactful. Now that is value”!

-Marv Askey, Regional Manager, Engineered Wood Products, Boise Cascade