Moe Glenner, Professional Speaker and Author

“Moe's attention to details is superb. He also is able to stretch outside of stated responsibilities to bring any project to fruition”.
RL – Elegant Presentations, Inc

Ideas are the real corporate currency, thus, successful organizations are ones that continuously innovate and encourage corporate creativity. Moe Glenner’s speaking topics are based on his ICI Formula: Ideas + Change = Innovation.

In his highly engaging and interactive keynotes, breakouts and workshops, Moe leads his audiences on a journey through the primary creative principles, idea generation techniques, idea selection methods and better change management strategies. It all starts with the brick as the perfect example of finding creativity in even the most mundane things and then applying them in both the corporate arena and our personal lives.

Moe Glenner is Director – Global Logistics for Steel Warehouse Company, an international multi-billion dollar steel service company. As an expert in the always changing supply chain industry, Moe has led and continues to lead successful multi-million dollar change initiatives and observed, at all organizational levels, both good and bad change initiatives. Moe is the author of the widely acclaimed book, “Selfish Altruism, Managing & Executing Successful Change Initiatives” and is currently working on his second book, focusing on corporate creativity. Additionally, Moe is a frequent contributor to business and commercial publications on organizational creativity, change management and leadership. Finally, Moe is also a commercial-rated instrument pilot who brings this experience into many of his
speaking engagements.

Moe is a frequent speaker at industry trade shows, forums and banquets. His animated and entertaining speaking style allows for maximum audience engagement and leads to a high degree of retention and take-away effectiveness. Moe is a graduate of Northeastern Illinois University (B.A. History), Lake Forest Graduate School of Management (MBA) and Villanova University (Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt) and is also the moderator of #ICIChat on Twitter, a weekly open discussion on creativity, innovation and change management.

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“Moe is a dependable detail oriented leader that has the unique quality of being a team player while being a strong leader that drives results. I highly recommend Moe as a valuable asset to any organization”.
DW – Newark, LLC

“The Creativity for Profitability workshop had a casual nature to it. I enjoyed learning why we think inside the box and cannot wait to see how changing that behavior will affect us”.
AC - Steel Warehouse Company, LLC