Michelle Baca, Speaker, Consultant, Coach, Author

Michelle specializes in the application of positive psychology to increase confidence, productivity and success. Her “Mindset Makeover” process is designed to help you transform negative thought patterns into a more productive mindset. She teaches this transformational process via personal coaching, workshops and keynote presentations.  

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  • Increased focus and productivity
  • Strategies for improving teamwork and communication
  • Methods for managing stress and overwhelm
  • Increased accountability and measurable results
  • Techniques for dealing with negativity in the workplace

Certified Life and Career Coach Michelle Baca is committed to helping people keep their stress levels down and career satisfaction levels through the roof. As a member of a national leadership and marketing training firm, she has helped professional service firm leaders and their teams boost morale, accountability and productivity levels.

She has a background in Management Information Systems as a result of choosing MIS strictly for the money-earning potential despite the fact that her heart was not in that line of work, so she knows what it is like to be in an unfulfilling career. But, she also knows what it’s like to successfully navigate a major career change.  She went on to launch several businesses and shares some of the strategies and skills she used to overcome her own self-doubts and the negativity of people who thought she was crazy for leaving a high-paying career to start from scratch.

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While searching for a speaker for our annual conference, I broke with tradition and selected a non-surveyor as a speaker. I wanted somebody that could inspire our group to successfully navigate the constant changes we are faced with as an industry and as individuals. After doing research on many speakers, Michelle Baca continually stood out. After meeting with Michelle, I was confident I had the right speaker. Michelle’s preparation for delivering the keynote address was tireless. Her hard work was evident in her presentation. She showed she understood the problems facing our industry. She gave numerous suggestions on how to manage change. Michelle delivered. Her keynote was a huge success. The feedback I received from our members was all positive. It was a great way to kick off our conference. Our members left motivated and ready to learn.”
- Larry W. Medrano,
  President, Precision Surveys, Inc.