Lisa Copeland, Professional Speaker and President of Buying Cars Her Way

Lisa’s extensive knowledge of hiring, training and retaining diverse candidates has positioned her as an expert in sales and management.

Lisa is also the co-founder of Women Impacting the Nation and The Project 19 Foundation, two non-profit organizations that are dedicated to forwarding leadership roles for women. As the creator of, Lisa offers inside information to the female consumer in an effort to empower women as consumers.

Lisa Copeland is one of the most respected faces in automotive sales. With over 20 years of success within a male-dominated industry, Lisa is a dedicated pioneer for women on the automotive sales floor.

As a member of the National Chrysler Dealer Council, Lisa represents the North American pulse of the FIAT brand. In 2012, Lisa was named one of the Five Most Powerful Women in Austin by the Austin Business Journal when she raised the bar on North American FIAT sales.

Bring in Lisa to speak with your company today here is just a sampling of some of her presenation topics...

  • Lead in High Definition - Engage Staff, Inspire Leaders, Dream Big!
  • Staff Engagement - The Key to Bring Your Service and Brand Alive
  • Five Star Service and Sales - It Starts With Me!
  • Pink is NOT a strategy!


“Lisa is also an incredible salesperson herself, an excellent manager and a dynamic leader, and what she and her team have achieved here at the FIAT of Austin store is unprecedented.”
-Sergio Marchionne, Chairman Chrysler LLC, FIAT S.P.A Inc.

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