Kevin Burns, Workplace Expert, Professional Speaker, Author

Kevin Burns, has a vision: "To transform workplaces, one by one by one, to make them Radically Functional." 

As an outstanding speaker, management consultant and seven-time author, Kevin Burns transforms workplaces

Kevin Burns works with middle-managers, front-line supervisors AND the people they manage offering workplace strategies and practical advice on communication, HR, management, motivation/culture and corporate safety performance challenges. After forty years in the workworld, he has learned this ONE simple truth: every job in the world, regardless of title or position, serves someone else.

"One hundred and sixty million North Americans go to work each day. But, less than 30% of them look forward to it. That means over one hundred and ten million people either hate their jobs or when they get there, just don't care. Is that acceptable to you? It sure isn't to me. So, I have a mission and a plan to get there. I'm not trying to change the world ... just the workplace. I want to Make It Work!" - Kevin Burns

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Kevin Burns is opinionated, blunt, direct, funny, thought-provoking, incredibly well-researched and usually … right! He is not for everyone. But if he is for you, your organization will never want to be ordinary again.

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“He's a straight-shooter, in-your-face, get-the-message-out guy that shows that we are in charge of our own attitudes and results. I love the way he breaks it down into simple concepts. It's the third time we've seen him and it won't be the last”.
-RBC, Royal Bank of Canada