Katie Rubin, Speaker, Healer, Writer, Human

Katie speaks the soulful truth - in a gigantically deep real spacious and more than funny manner. She gets your attention, holds you down and loves you up to the beauty of an inner world of meaning.  See her, hear her then be happy, you just can't help it.” -Suzie Daggett, -Business and Life Consultant, creator of Dear Source and PEARLS

"No matter how brilliant our attempts to inform, it is our ability to inspire that will turn the tides. And Katie does just that!  She is a genius. You will be hearing about her."
- Barbara Riddle, novelist, author of The Girl Pretending to Read Rilke


Katie's 20 years of experience as a touring solo show performer, comedienne and public speaker have made evident this fact: that she is a rebellious, precocious, impatient, alcoholic, drug, food sex and love addict. How, and why then, did she become the biggest spiritualist around? When Katie speaks, she tells riveting, hilarious, unbelievable and TRUE God-stories about all the very surreal ways God, The Universe, The Divine (or whatever you like to call it) has shown up for, messed with, taught and tried to heal her over the course of her 13 years of sobriety and addiction recovery. She's not religious, she's spiritual. She's not preachy, she's wise. Katie won't tell you how you should live. She'll just tell you stories about how she has been forced to live and you'll be unable to help but feel inspired!

With speaking topics such as:

Surrender Is The Power That Creates An Unstoppable Human.

How Spirituality Saved My Life. Then Became The Problem.

The God Thing. It's Real. I'll Tell You How I Know.

How Comedy Helps My Spiritual Practice And Spirituality Helps My Jokes.

What Abundance Really Is.
(It's Simpler Than You Think)

Spirituality For The Spiritually Rebellious And Secretly Curious.

Being Successful In Business Is More About Knowing Who YOU ARE Than About What You Think They Want You To Know.

Katie is honored every day to be living her soul's purpose to support people in BEING AUTHENTIC while simultaneously living a life in the pursuit of peace, mercy, justice, freedom and love.  The Universe doesn't want us to "make nice."  It wants us to "do right," as our  unique and particular body/mind/spirit eco-systems would have us do it.  Surrender into the spiritual nature of our individual gifts is the true path to "freedom," "empowerment," and "success."  

In her words " Peace, Love and pony rides to us all!"

Katie, you are SENSATIONAL!!!  You rocked it every direction!!  I'm in awe of your talent.  What a combination you are of spirituality, creativity, beauty, gorgeousness, grace and super power.  I just love you!!
-Cheralyn Jordan, Actress


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