Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™, Professional Speaker

Kate Nasser is the best at inspiring and teaching professional people-skills to elevate any organization's performance. Her keynotes and workshops produce true changes in behavior in leadership, teamwork, employee engagement, and the ultimate customer service.

As a speaker, Kate captivates and provokes audiences with energy, humor, caring and realism.  She is smart, feisty, wise, down-to-earth, funny, and just wild and different enough to inspire growth in professional people-skills.

For 23 years she has turned heads and hearts toward great service and teamwork for collaboration and success.  Thousands of industry leaders and event planners have tapped Kate's natural GPS about people to entertain, teach, and transform results.

Kate has a Masters degree in Org. Psychology and a B.S. in Mathematics -- a true double-cookie of technical acumen and people-skills talent.  View video footage and you will want to book her right away!

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“Kate, I wanted you to know that I use what we learned daily. What we covered on adapting to different personality types has been a key part of our mission to become a better customer service department.Each month I rate the reps on using the 4C’s™, adapting to personalities, etc… Everyone now seems eager to hear about how they can improve and they all really want to become the best.”
Madelene Becker, Manager, Customer Service’ Thule Inc.