Guy Gruters, Motivational Speaker and Author, Captain, USAF; Captain, Eastern Air Lines
POW in North Vietnam, December, 1967 to March, 1973: 5 years, 3 months

“I consider it a true honor to have gotten the opportunity to listen to you speak of your time in our nation's service. Your words spoke directly to my heart and all I could say to you yesterday when I had the honor of shaking your hand was "Thank you." I wish I could have said more to you, but if I had tried, I know I would have gotten extremely emotionally upset. I wish to say to you now, with tears still in my eyes, thank you so much for your service, your sacrifice, and your willingness to share with others things that we cannot even begin to imagine. You, Sir, are what makes the United States of America the greatest country in the world. Without men and women like yourself, this country could never endure.”
-LtCol, 125th Fighter Wing

“What a remarkable and inspirational story you have.  The school was buzzing after your talk and had the students thinking about how your lessons of encouragement and perseverance can play into their lives.  Not only did you get the students thinking, you showed them firsthand what true courage and leadership are.  Your delivery was exceptional, directly relating to the students and capturing their attention from the start.  We could have listened to you for hours.”
-Rob Robison, MBA, M.Ed

A great man who has overcome what many of us could never imagine, a true survivor, whose story will change your life forever.

Guy Gruters was raised in New Jersey, where his favorite interests were camping, hunting and trapping. He graduated from the Air Force Academy with a BS in Engineering Science and completed a Masters Degree in Astronautical Engineering from Purdue University. After Pilot Training and fighter gunnery school, he volunteered for Vietnam and served six years in Vietnam, more than five as a POW.  He completed more than 400 combat missions as a FAC, first for the 173rd Airborne Brigade flying O-1 aircraft and then flying F-100s for the MISTY Fast FACS flying over North Vietnam. He was awarded more than 30 combat awards including two Silver Stars, two DFCs, two purple hearts, two bronze stars for valor, a Presidential Unit citation, POW medal, 20 air medals and numerous other medals. He was shot down twice and captured the second time, on December 20, 1967. 

Meanwhile, Lance Sijan had been shot down in early November and was still in the jungle. Lance evaded capture for forty-six days.  He was finally captured on Christmas day of 1967 and moved into a small holding prison with Guy and Major Bob Craner shortly thereafter. The three of them made the trip north to the Hanoi Hilton in the back of a military truck. Guy and Bob were with Lance until his last-minute removal to a hospital and death in late January, 1968. After release in March of 1973, their testimony was the basis for the award of the Medal of Honor to Lance, our Nation’s highest tribute. Guy also collaborated closely with Malcolm McConnell of the Reader's Digest in his book "Into the Mouth of the Cat," a story about one man's struggle to successfully resist all interrogation despite terrible physical injuries. 

Guy has written a new book, “Locked Up With God, my best thirteen speeches,” available on This book is divided into three parts, one on Faith, one on Family, and one on Combat and Prison Camp.

There have been two additional books written with stories about Guy, “Bury Us Upside Down,” by Rick Newman and Don Shepperd, and “Misty,” by Major General Don Shepperd, USAF (Ret.).

Guy joined Eastern Airlines as a pilot, flying DC-9s and Boeing 727s, and retired as a Captain in 1991. During this time, Guy and Sandy were blessed with seven children, two before Vietnam and five after. Guy also was a very successful international account representative for the IBM corporation, handling GTE Sylvania, a three billion dollar company.  He left IBM with his brother and was president of PC Software Systems for more than ten years, building it into IBM's leading supplier of application software for Accountants and Independent Insurance agents.  Upon retiring from Eastern, Guy took the position of Director of Data Processing for Pearl Vision in Dallas and then VP-MIS for McCrory Corporation in Pennsylvania, both billion dollar corporations. 


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“I hosted a men's retreat and was fortunate to have Guy Gruters as our main motivational speaker. He gave five impassioned talks over three days. His talks had the power to move men into action. He witnessed how the Scriptures and the Saint's teachings personally saved his life in the POW camp, in the Corporate World, and with his wife and seven kids. We laughed and cried. I heartily endorse Guy Gruters for any speaking engagement.”
-Father Kenneth Hummel, St. Peter Parish, Huber Heights, Ohio