Gena Yuvette Davis, MBA, CCP, BCC, Certified Executive Coach, Trainer, Consultant and Author

Gena Yuvette Davis has a strong marketing background that is rooted in experience gained through some of the giants of the entertainment industry including Fox Entertainment Group, The Walt Disney Company, Warner Bros. Studios and Sony Pictures Entertainment. Today she uses the lessons learned in corporate America to help her audiences hone their career skills and become more successful in both their work and personal lives. What she teaches has the power to put employees on the fast track to career achievement.

Ms. Davis speaks to audiences throughout the country, sharing her message that is rich in strategies and skills attendees can put to use the day they return to the workplace. She is passionate about helping people become their best selves and her enthusiasm quickly spreads to those fortunate enough to hear her speak.

If you are looking for a speaker who will coach your employees to a higher level of performance while inspiring them to accomplish their personal best, Gena Yuvette Davis is a presenter who can deliver the goods on every level.

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“Gena’s professional coaching pushed me to take ownership of my career and to proactively get noticed in the office. I was competent in my job, but not outspoken; that needed to change if I wanted to be a VP. Gena gave me tactical skills to tweak how I approached meetings, my interactions with Senior Management, and how I presented myself. Just like athletes need coaches to get them to the next level, I needed Gena to teach me how to become an executive.”
 - Suzanne Persechino, Director of Program & Market Research, A&E