Dr. Lisa Van Allen, Speaker, Coach and Author

"Dr. Lisa's message, delivered with humor and first-hand experience, spoke volumes to our audience of business owners and corporate managers. With inspirational, supportive and intriguing deliverance, we were spellbound by Dr. Lisa's presentation."
- Sue Snyder, Sales Manager, Marriott Hotel

It is time to Fulfill Your Life's Purpose!

At the intersection of business strategy, psychology and spirituality, you will find the thought leadership of Dr. Lisa Van Allen. With tools that break through belief barriers you didn’t even know you had, Dr. Lisa helps you clear the path to do the work you were designed to do.

Dr. Lisa Van Allen is a professional speaker, business psychologist, and executive coach with over twenty years of experience helping individuals and organizations find and fulfill life's purpose.

Dr. Lisa's personal mission is to motivate, challenge and encourage others to fulfill their God-given purpose. She believes each individual was uniquely designed for a specific purpose - and fulfilling that purpose will bring incredible joy and transformation.

Rave reviews have followed Dr. Lisa’s presentations on Pain-Free Prospecting, Employee Engagement, From Passion to Profit, and The Warrior Way (Creating a Credo for Conscious Capitalism). Dr. Lisa is an award winning author, including the recently released "Your Belief Quotient: 7 Beliefs that Sabotage or Support Your Success."


“We had Dr. Lisa Van Allen share her Selling with Integrity Workshop with
our sales staff. Our sales directors talked about how they could take the information and put it to work right away. We’re already seeing results.”
- Terry Weinacht, Market Manager, Cumulus Media

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