Becky A. Davis, Speaker, Trainer, Author, Coach

“Becky was instrumental in my team’s exceptional performance results”!
- Ingrid Figueroa

“I have been transformed! I am amazed at Becky's ability to connect”.
- Tiffany Smith 


Unleashing Leadership Growth to Maximize Performance and Increase Profits

Becky Davis is on a mission to help people make a difference in the world through their work. She founded MVPwork based on a belief that everyone wants fulfilling and meaningful work. 

Becky believes in having fun at work, no matter what type of work you do. When the workplace is a place of enjoyment, where people look forward to coming to work, there is a higher level of performance and productivity. 

As a former Regional Vice President for Luxottica, the largest global optical retail company in the world, she was responsible for coaching individuals and teams in strategic planning, talent enhancement, leadership development, performance improvement and profit growth for over 15 years. After building great teams, she successfully improved employee engagement, increased team morale, and improved employee retention with purpose driven leadership and by creating a positive culture.  

Becky has worked for companies where she hated going to work and she became less productive, doing just enough to get through the day.  She also worked for companies where she loved coming to work everyday and would do anything to support the organization.  Becky realized the difference between the organizations was employee engagement.  The company that did not have an employee engagement strategy was just a job and the company that focused on keeping employees engaged was the company where she excelled and contributed more.  She worked her way from an assistant store manager to regional vice president responsible for over 200 locations and being promoted to five new teams.  Becky believes that when employee engagement is a part of an organizations strategic plan, they make more money and increase profits.  She knows this first hand.

Becky has created The Platinum Triangle which focuses on connecting the head, heart and hands towards a shared purpose, or cause which influences and inspires action.  The Platinum Triangle is an INgagement Model that helps leaders unite a team towards a common purpose, cause or belief and creates higher-morale and increased INgagement in the workplaces.  She has developed an INgagement and performance system called The 5 I's of Leadership Transformation, which was the model she used to exceed performance goals and keep her team consistently INgaged. 

Becky has been helping teams and leaders dramatically improve their results for more than 20 years. Becky believes that people are your most important strategy.  

As a leader of several teams, she focuses on leadership transformation. Though trial and error every team she has led has been successful and she has put together a proven system of success to share with the world: The 5 I's of Leadership Transformation.

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