Annette Medlin, Speaker and Capacity Coach

“OMG Annette, how did you know I needed to hear this....!!!”
-Judy Whaley

“You have helped so many and made such a contribution. Thank you!”
-Barry Weber

Annette’s core focus is on helping develop an awareness for capacity. Potential is a future concept, but capacity is what’s in you right NOW!

In addition she brings the following to your event:
25+ years non-profit management expertise
Audience education
Thought Leadership

Annette has recently been added to the team of the Women Speakers Association, promoting the voice of women in 120 countries on 6 continents. In April of 2012 she co-founded Membership180 with Jay Handler.  M180 is a sustainable membership development company devoted to seeing chambers of commerce and associations grow through engaging current members while recruiting new ones.

In addition, she is a regular speaker, facilitator and consultant to clients in the areas of board development, strategic planning, executive coaching, women and community, leadership and diversity. She also maintains a coaching business for both personal and business clients.

Core Topics:
The Capacity Contract
A Capacity for Leadership
The Highly Functioning Board
Capacity in the C-Suite


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