Anne Palmer, Clarity Coach, Professional Speaker and Author

Anne Palmer is an Emmy-Award winning talk show host and recent Top-Three Finalist in North America’s Next Greatest Speaker contest.

As a Clarity Coach, speaker and author she specializes in freeing people from what she coined "the gifted trap."  Known for her own gifts of a healing voice and crystal clear clarity of presentation, the former international model, spokesperson and non-profit executive, shares her compelling "come-from-behind" story of surviving seven major life crises and inspires audiences to find and tap their own wells of inner strength. Anne empowers diverse audiences of all ages, especially professional women and men, to feel that YOU too can overcome and rise above any challenge!

Anne’s powerful presentations, based on her proprietary EMERGE method, helps audiences ignite their passion, free themselves from limiting beliefs and behaviors that hold them back, and helps them replace judgment with joyfulness.

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“The sound of Anne’s voice is like warm honey on a piece of toast … delicious, real, hearty.”
- Arthur Samuel Joseph, The Vocal Coach to the Stars, Creator of Vocal Awareness