Anders Boulanger, Trade Show Speaker, Infotainer

Are you ready to increase traffic and generate more leads at your next trade show?

Do you want to convey your message to the masses?
Ready to increase your trade show R.O.I.?

Then hire Anders, your professional Trade Show Infotainer.

“We have never had crowds around our booth like that! Anders’ ability to work our product into his presentation, along with his interaction with attendees, makes a lasting impression. Anders                is excellent.“
- Larry McIntosh, President and CEO, Peak of the Market

Anders combines elements of sales, communication, magic, psychology and crowd control to create a customized, integrated presentation that is designed to communicate your company’s benefits and motivate prospects to take action. With Anders you can generate massive crowds to your trade show booth!

Now you can get more leads and more prospects than ever before!

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“We were particularly impressed with Anders’ ability to draw large crowds and skillfully integrate our sales message into his presentation. Traffic and lead generation far exceeded our objectives.”
- Boyd A. Liski, Pres., CEO, Globally Boundless