Allen Vaysberg, Motivational Speaker, Syndicated Talk Show Host, Life Purpose Coach and Best Selling Author

“Allen is exceptional at helping people find their essence and living it. He is the one who helped me to move forward in a powerful way in my life and to start living my passion. In fact, because of what he has done for me, I was inspired to finish my book. Now, he is helping me with the next step in living my essence…ohhh how wonderful it feels!”
– Sharon M.C.

“Allen’s great at cutting away all of the noise and the false notions of who we think we should be. He cuts to the chase and helps us answer the big questions: What am I here to do? What am I good at? What would make me happy? I was
so glad to work with Allen, because he gives you the concrete steps to make
your dreams happen.”
– Chris T.

Empowering the Growth of the Modern Individual

Your audience will be instantly captivated the moment Allen hits the stage, his approachable way is uplifting and inspirational yet relaxing and humorous. He will make you laugh,cry, be introspective and come out ready to live your life to the fullest.

Allen Vaysberg is the founder of School of Human Potential and a successful entrepreneur who within the IT consulting industry built several multi-million dollar businesses. Although he was living the "American Dream", deep inside he knew something needed to change because even with all his successes, he still felt unfulfilled. Thus he began his transition away from IT.

He discovered that in order to live a fulfilled life he needed to pursue his soul’s purpose. By taking charge of his destiny and following his dreams Allen finally found peace and felt complete. Today he inspires individuals to live their essence and assists them in re-calibrating their lives. He does so through many different mediums including his coaching practice “Recalibrate Your Life”.

Allen is a Motivational Speaker, Syndicated Talk Show Host, Life Purpose Coach and Best Selling Author. His weekly radio program "School of Human Potential” brings guests ranging from Lisa Williams to Yakov Smirnoff and everyone in between.

“Allen! What can I say?…but wow!! I have always had so many questions on whether I’m on the right path, am I fulfilling my life’s mission? These are questions that I assume have been pondered by everyone since the beginning of time. However, the gift that you possess has helped me immensely..”
– Greta Q.

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